Q & A with a Dubai Property Expert

Here’s everything you need to know about buying, renting and selling a property in Dubai.

Can you please confirm what documents I need to sell my property?

To sell your property you will require a title deed on the property obtained through registration at the Dubai Land Department. You will also need a NOC (No Objection Certificate)from the developer to confirm that the property is free from any liabilities such as outstanding ‘mortgages or unpaid installments or service fees. Your original passport would be required and any other documents and receipts pertaining to the original sale and current state of the property.

I have an existing lease and I want to leave before the end date. Can I give three months notice or possibly have my friend take over the lease instead?

You will need to review your tenancy contract terms and see if there is any break clause provision for you to request early termination. If this is not available then you should contact your landlord about possible options to accommodate your request and see if they will accept. The majority of residential lease contracts include a clause that states subletting is not allowed. In the event it's omitted from the lease and approval to sublease has not been given in writing then it would be deemed against the law for your friend to take over the lease.

My villa at Victory Heights was brand new when my first tenant moved in and they have just left. They are disputing the cracked tiles the damages that I want to deduct from the security deposit to correct.

At lease commencement. landlords should request the tenant to sign an inventory and Condition report that accepts the property and all it's finishing in good condition. A written report along with interior images will help support your claim for reimbursement. You may also have snagging/inspection report that was issued and acknowledged by the developer that would highlight defects in consideration this was the first tenant but a signed acceptance of the property condition by the tenant should be sufficient to show damages occurring during the occupancy.

I am looking to sell my home — what questions should I be asking the real estate agent I am considering appointing?

A homeowner needs to feel comfortable that the agent they are appointing will do the best job for them and their property. Enquire into the agent's history of successful sales in that area and gain an understanding of what marketing initiatives are going to be put in place to sell your home. It is important to ask the real estate agent for their broker's number and a profile on the company they work for. An agreeable selling price needs to be established along with the motivation for the sale of the property and timeline that needs to be observed. Ensure you appointed agency outlines all the costs associated with selling and their obligation and commitment to you as the property owner.

I have recently leased my property at the Greens through a real estate agency and my contract states I should complete the Ejari registration. How do I do this as a landlord?

It is compulsory to register all tenancy contracts for Dubai properties via the Ejari Online portal. If you are a landlord of multiple properties you can apply for the course to complete formal training after which you will be provided with your own account and can access the central system from any on line location. The cost for each tenancy contract registration is AED160. You may also appoint a real estate company with a Management License to complete this online registration process on your behalf. The other method of registration is at a number of external Ejari offices located throughout Dubai however documentation is required and the charge is AED195.

I have just moved out of the property I leased. when can I expect my deposit refund?

lt may be included in your tenancy terms the period of which the deposit should be refunded but if not, a reasonable time frame is expected. Provided there are no delays due to obtaining quotations for any corrective works and all ?nal utility bills have been paid. from this time our guide would be within 7-15 days.

I have a three bedroom villa, which I bought last month in the springs. I want to completely redo the interiors as per my requirements; what is the procedure to get approval?

Each developer has their own set of rules and regulations for approvals and it will be the developer who issues an NOC for the work. In most cases these are very detailed and comprehensive. Usually they can be obtained from the master developer's office that deals with your development. Once obtained, your requirements need to be submitted, any potential Structural issues addressed and various paperwork such as passport copies, deeds of sale etc. submitted along with deposits, some refundable, some not. All of this can be done by your chosen contractor who should have a quali?ed engineer on their payroll to check and submit the application on your behalf. This work should be free of charge and included as part of the services they provide to you. It is always worth checking with your chosen contractor as to how do they gain permissions for the work they do and ask to speak to three or four previous clients who have done similar work to which you require to see if they were satis?ed, to make sure they are qualified to do work.

In all cases and a recent change to the permissions, Dubai municipality also have to issue an NOC for the work you wish to be carried out, without either of these two NOC’s you will not be able to sell your property in the future