Subleasing in Dubai Q&A

Dubai subleasing Q&A with our property experts

Q: I have heard that subleasing is illegal in Dubai. Is this true?

A: No, Subleases are not illegal in Dubai, however, Landlord's written consent is required.


Q: What happens when Landlord consents to a Sublease?

A: When Landlord consents to a Sublease, the Subtenant is protected from eviction, even if the original Tenant is evicted.


Q: What can Landlord do if he discovers a Sublease that he did not consent to?

A: If Landlord discovers that there is a Subtenant whom he did not consent to, Landlord may serve Subtenant with a Notice of Eviction.


Q: Does the evicted Subtenant have any rights against the original Tenant?

A: Yes, the Subtenant preserves his rights file a claim against the original Tenant in the Rental Dispute Settlement Centre, for any damages due to the eviction.