I have a three bedroom villa which I bought last month in the springs. I want to completely redo the interiors as per my requirements what is the procedure to get approvals?

Each developer has their own set of rules and regulations for approvals and it will be the developer who issues an NOC for the work. In most cases these are very detailed and comprehensive. Usually they can be obtained from the master developer's office that deals with your development. Once obtained, your requirements need to be submitted, any potential Structural issues addressed and various paperwork such as passport copies, deeds of sale etc. submitted along with deposits, some refundable, some not. All of this can be done by your chosen contractor who should have a quali?ed engineer on their payroll to check and submit the application on your behalf. This work should be free of charge and included as part of the services they provide to you. It is always worth checking with your chosen contractor as to how do they gain permissions for the work they do and ask to speak to three or four previous clients who have done similar work to which you require to see if they were satis?ed, to make sure they are qualified to do work. 

In all cases and a recent change to the permissions, Dubai municipality also have to issue an NOC for the work you wish to be carried out, without either of these two NOC’s you will not be able to sell your property in the future.